Hydroelectric power

Automation of the Bolarque II reversible power plant consisting of 4 Francis reversible turbines of 50MW each with total control by NATURGY that add up to a total of 200 MW of power through turbines.


The same turbines are used, which means that when pumped, there are losses of about 31% when overcoming a difference in altitude of close to 240 metres. The criterion between pumping or running the turbine is the one that NATURGY estimates according to the price conditions in the wholesale electrical power market (normally this will be pumped when there are low prices and it will be turbined at demand peaks when prices are high), however, attempts are made to avoid operations of only a few hours, due to the high mechanical stress of the turbines at stops.


The complex is equipped with other functions such as controlling the Tajo-Segura transfer as indicated by the State, pumping water to the La Bujeda artificial reservoir located 14 km away: When it is Turbine, water is passed from La Bujeda to Bolarque through 2 forced pipes and with a flow of 96 m3/sec. It’s amazing to see how the water in Bolarque seems to boil! Each 2 groups are attached to said pipes. When pumping, the transfer is reversed, and the flow then is about 66 m3/s which is what was requested as a requirement for the Tajo-Segura.