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At TECDESOFT, we are at the forefront in the deployment of large plant or SCADA infrastructure. We develop operating interfaces for a comfortable and simple operation. We deploy systems for monitoring hundreds of thousands of signals in integrated environments.

  • Comprehensive turnkey control and control rooms
  • Single-user PC systems
  • Multi-positioned systems in Client-Server architectures, featuring redundant servers in high-availability virtualised systems.
  • Certifications for critical operation systems up to SIL 3
  • Representation of all plant services within the same environment
  • Alarm management and messaging for ISA 18.2 standard
  • Integrated manufacturing management systems, recipe management, order launch
  • Reporting systems and database
  • Advanced data exploitation with connection to Grafana, PowerBI, SAS Viya.
  • Access Control and Traceable Biometric Logging System
  • Asset management
  • OT Network Monitoring Tools
  • Maintenance tools
  • CARMEN platform for advanced supervision
  • Energy monitoring systems according to ISO 50001 Standard

Success stories


CARMEN. Collect your plant data and visualize it in a simple way.
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6.6.5 - Chica Manejando Datos-min


SCADA PLANT. Monitor, control and interact with your plant processes from a Unified Control Centre
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4.1 CCI 02-min