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We democratise Artificial Intelligence. Data, data and even more data… Industry 4.0’s new rally cry. The heart of this new industrial paradigm which data is at the core and the new enabler of change in the business model.

The key aspects of the RAMI 4.0 architecture of Industry 4.0 and IIRA architecture of the Industrial Internet Consortium speak volumes of the data cycle’s significance, its value and its quality.

Artificial Intelligence cannot be applied if we have not gathered the data efficiently and cleanly.

In Data Intelligence, we discuss how to capture and store process data, how to create our Data Lake that will allow us to historicise information indefinitely and the tools that will be used to extract value from these data.

The goal is to enable data-informed decision making.

We are well-versed in new technologies:

  • Big Ddata
  • Real-time streaming
  • Edge Computing
  • Data Mining
  • Visual Analytics
  • Data Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Digital twin

Our analysts and data scientists tackle multiple projects related to manufacturing environments:

  • Quality improvement projects. Zero defect manufacturing.
  • Predictive maintenance projects based on analytical models.
  • Manufacturing optimisation projects and production scheduling.
  • Time series prediction projects


Relying on the tools of our SAS Partners specialized in Industry and Energy, we bring to the engineers of the industrial and energy world, the advanced solutions that were previously only available to banking and insurance.


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