A management system for robotic logistics warehouses

AristeoSGA comprises a robotic logistics warehouse management software that allows for the running of a chaotic automated warehouse to be managed while wholly integrated into the factory’s production flow, including product delivery processes, management of SGAs and picking areas.


Within an Industry 4.0 environment, in which manufacturing batches are becoming increasingly smaller while stocks are being reduced insomuch as is possible, chaotic automated warehouses that enable a wide variety of products to be stored in a totally flexible way are key. Through our digitisation solutions, we make it possible for the warehouse to be synchronised with the manufacturing lines (upon demand or in manufacture) along with the plant intralogistics systems and full integration with the ERP.


  • Any order received from the ERP arrives at the SGA and is automatically dispatched, with the packing list being then autonomously generated.
  • All warehouse stock levels can be known in real time, plus integration with online production and quality inspection systems is achieved transparently.
  • Automation

    Material flows are fully automatic from the production plant to the warehouse and loading point.

  • Synchronisation

    The warehouse is fully synchronised with the manufacturing lines both in demand and in manufacture.

  • Real-Time Information

    All warehouse stock is displayed in real time.

  • Transparency

    Integration with online production and quality inspection systems in a clear way.