Monitor, control and interact with your plant processes from a Unified Control Centre

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SCADA is the plant digitisation environment par excellence. It combines the entire OT world in the same Unified Control Centre from which to supervise or operate the entire installation. It is a viewing and interaction software with the process that, browsing through synoptics, allows you to have a real-time view of everything that is happening on the factory floor while also operating and interacting with the process.


SCADAs have evolved from the smallest systems for a machine to plant hyper-SCADA environments that bring together all the information contained in the different assets. The trend is the implementation of virtualised hyper-SCADAs in industrial CPDs to which multiple clients are connected, both desktop and light clients (web or mobile). Today’s SCADA systems are genuine plant data integration platforms that allow operators to store under one unified control centre all the information necessary for real-time decision making.


  • It is a major enabler of plant digitisation and Industry 4.0, acting as a channel for orders received from the MONTH or the ERP and providing all the power of a major Data Lake for an almost unlimited user set.
  • SCADA includes advanced viewing tools, 3D viewers, integration with GIS or Digital Twin environments.
  • Modern SCADAs can run with specific databases for storing sizable amounts of information, databases for time series such as InflusDB.
  • The SCADA can be complemented with an asset management system.
  • Centralized information

    Bind together in one unified control centre all the information of the different assets of your plant.

  • Real-time decision making

    Obtain a real-time view of everything that’s happening in your factory to aid your decision-making processes

  • Direct Interaction

    Operates and interacts directly with the process from a unified control centre.

  • Access from anywhere

    The new cybersecurity measures allow SCADA to be taken beyond the plant environment, being able to access through web and mobile clients from any location.

  • Plant digitization

    SCADA is a great enabler of plant digitalization and Industry 4.0.