MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management)

Digitise control and oversight of your manufacturing operations

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TDSMOM is a manufacturing digitisation solution for manufacturing environments that enables real-time or historical monitoring of all of the company’s manufacturing processes, from raw material receipt to final product delivery.


Companies are working with increasingly greater sources of information, large amounts of data and multiple tools. Those responsible for production, maintenance, engineering and management must have a shared tool that serves as a meeting point for all plant information and that allows them to fulfil the elevated demands set upon them in terms of efficiency, productivity, traceability and quality.


  • Registration and historicisation of information.
  • Calculation of KPIs (OEE, DTM, TPS…) and dashboards.
  • Detection of machine states, capture of stoppage times and classifying outages or stops.
  • Efficiency and downtime management (OEE/DTM).
  • Traceability and inventory.
  • Quality online and in the laboratory.
  • Energy.
  • Manufacturing orders.
  • Production.
  • Integration with CMMS.
  • Single tool

    Those entrusted with production, maintenance, engineering and management are provided with a shared tool for all plant information.

  • Real-time decision making

    Plenty of real-time information to make wise decisions in the manufacturing process.

  • Unified information

    The solution unites all the information in the manufacturing environment in one place.

  • Digital control and monitoring

    View all information from any device.