An Integrated Control Centre just like in a major utility

ICC or Integrated Control Centre is a supervisory and operational space specially devised for the daily activity of supervisors of generation facilities. It is a modular space divided into two rooms:


  • One of them can be used as an interactive meeting room or crisis room. Therein, a meeting table is installed with a 75″ panel allowing us to project information, interact with it and hold videoconferences.
  • In the other room, one or more operating stations with a state-of-the-art console designed for round-the-clock operation and a video wall on which we can project information from multiple sources (SCADA, video surveillance systems, alarm systems…) have been equipped.



For our customers with several wind farms, solar farms or hydroelectric power plants it is of the utmost importance to have a monitoring centre in place for their assets as they grow. A unified control centre from where communications, asset status, alarms are monitored, production information and possible lost profits are collected. To summarise, a wholly integrated and operational turnkey supervision package that includes:


  • Supervision software
  • Historisation
  • Security management
  • Furniture and fittings
  • Operator Interaction Screens
  • Centralized information

    Monitor all the activity of your installation from a single place.

  • Integration and operation

    Monitor your entire facility activity from a single place.

  • Turnkey

    A wholly integrated and operational monitoring solution.

  • Modular space

    A product completely ready to start working with all the functional aspects.