Digitise all documentation generated in LEAN audit processes

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DFMS (Digital Forms Management System) is a solution for digitising LEAN processes in the plant that allows for ongoing improvement audits to be carried out digitally so that hard copies need not be printed.


Our customers in highly specialised sectors, such as the automotive sector, implement ongoing improvement methodologies and are subject to multiple audits and self-monitoring according to their internal quality regulations. Very often, these audits are carried out on paper or in Excel, generating a large amount of documentation that is difficult to work with. DFMS allows these audits to be carried out completely digitally and, through integration with SharePoint, to have all the information in lists and documents that are highly manageable, generating unique lists of actions that help coordinators obtain real results in a vastly more efficient way.


  • Digitisation of 5S audits.
  • Digitisation of machine start-up checklists.
  • Digitisation of the actual verification of the standard.
  • Digitisation of job audits.
  • 100% digital

    Bid farewell to all the paper generated in LEAN audit processes.

  • Easily accessible information

    Have all the information in lists and documents that are easy to deal with and share it with whoever you need.

  • Greater efficiency

    Generate unique lists of actions that help you get real results in a much more efficient way.

  • Optimised

    Streamline your company’s audit processes and continuous improvement.