Collect your plant data and visualize it in a simple way

CARMEN is an information historization and presentation platform that will allow you to apply Data Intelligence techniques in your factory. Using CARMEN you have a single portal where you can bring together all your process and operational information, allowing you to coordinate the needs of multiple user profiles from a single place.


CARMEN collects sensor data from your factory lines or from any source in an orderly manner in compliance with the ISA95 standardThe system stores the information in an orderly fashion in a database and presents it in a Business Intelligence type web environment with multiple panels and dashboards that can be configured to suit each user.


  • Reads data from anything (PLC, Database, SCADA…).
  • It complies and helps to comply with IEC 62443, as it provides an indirect way to access data by corporate tools.
  • It is a technological enabler to be able to build more detailed KPIs that provide more value in decision making.
  • By storing the sensor and factory logic in a central DB, you are paving the way to be able to perform analytics (of any kind) on the data. In this way the value obtained is multiplied.
  • The ISA-95 standard has been followed to order the assets, so the factory people are very comfortable with this system and it provides an orderly asset growth framework.
  • Centralized information

    Collect data on the performance of your assets in different factories and visualize them in a single environment.

  • Improved decision making

    It mixes real-time visualization with historical data.

  • Detailed information

    Get consistent metrics and KPIs, run reports and manage alarms.

  • Increases safety

    Reduces maintenance and repair times and centralizes technical repair.

  • Customization

    Each user has access only to the documentation of the assets to be maintained.

  • Documentary management

    Eliminates plant paper and centralizes and versions project documentation.