Smart substation

Comprehensive digitisation of substations with integration into a general infrastructure SCADA addressing the following aspects:


  • Communications specially oriented to IEC61850 protocol reaching network switching times of 0 ms (PRP and HSR architectures)
  • Complete control of all substation positions via IEC61850 protocol
  • Integration of all the substation auxiliary services (generator set, measurement, uninterruptible power supply systems, system against incentives…)
  • BIM model of the substation integrated into the SCADA system.
  • Rapid commissioning via Virtual Commission with digital twin of Siprotec protection relays.
  • Cybersecurity Layer Implementation
  • Predictive maintenance of assets with thermographic systems installed continuously.
  • Integration of the entire CCTV system for video surveillance and teleoperation of positions (from the SCADA when opening the command windows of a position, the cameras automatically focus on that cell in order to verify the proper manoeuvre).